High Mountain Crystals

    First let me start by saying that there is no "official" readout for these crystals.  Usually, when a find is presented, high level shamans and metaphysicians present their "read" of these minerals and present these impressions which is incorporated in a readout.  To date, the impressions of this incredible crystal have been difficult to put into words.  Therefore, in an attempt to provide information, please consider this as an "unofficial" readout for the Sentient Plasma Crystal based upon over a year working with the crystals and compiling remarks from high level individuals.  

    These crystals are among the finest energetically, clarity and conformity in the world.  They were first brought to this country in September 2015 when a few select dealers were invited to view and purchase them. The Sentient Plasma Crystal comes from Colombia - from high in the mountains.  High mountain quartz is the most clear quartz and the most pure quartz, in fact this quartz was tested at 93 percent pure quartz!  Quartz that is mined from high mountains if very difficult to get to and all equipment must be hand carried up the mountain and the quartz must be hand carried down the mountain.  The result is an expensive but exquisite quartz - the best in the world.

    These find crystals have been shown in several U.S. shows and several Japan shows.  The reception is beyond expectation.  For all of the outward beauty, the frequency coming from within is most remarkable!  Many have stated that it is similar to Phenacite.  I feel that it definitely resonates at the top of possible frequencies for quartz and allows the user to raise their consciousness to very high levels.  

    The name, Sentient Plasma, originated from the function of the quartz in the body.  Sentient by definition means something that has the power of perception by the senses, conscious, that that is characterized by sensation and consciousness and the conscious mind.  Plasma is described as the 4th state of matter and involves the movement of electrons in atoms in the body.  These crystals connect our conscious of our body at our deepest core.  Sentient Plasma Crystals are Lemurian, but much more!  It has been said that they represent the rest of the Lemurian story and points the way home.  

    Phrases like "showing the way home", "takes the user to the 8th dimension and higher", "Feels close to Phenacite", underline the significant of these rare crystals to our lives.  

    As Sentient Plasma Crystals work with our molecules to raise our frequency and thereby our consciousness, we get the opportunity to view our lives differently, creating infinite possibilities for us thereby allowing one to view and exist in higher dimensions.  How wonderful to co-exist with others of high consciousness allowing that synergy of energy to promote one to be kinder to oneself, others and this wonder Mother Earth!

    Enjoy then what most consider to be the best crystals that they expect to experience in a lifetime.  For now, called Sentient Plasma Crystal.


Patricia Krimmel