January 25-Feb 14:  Tucson Show; Days Inn, Congress Ave., Tucson

March 24 - Crystalline Light Expo      ,  Rothchild Catering and Conference Center, Knoxville, TN - cancelled

 March 24-25 - Bluegrass Gem and Mineral Show   Lexington, KY

April 7-8           Victory of Light   Sharonville Convention Center  Sharonville, OH

April 14-15        Mama Ruby's Holistic Event, Owensboro, Ky

May 4-5,            Geo Fair, Sharonville Convention Center, Sharonville, Ohio

May 18-19  -       Galactic Expo , Fairgrounds,  Nashville TN

June 1-5   TIMA Show Hyatt Regency Hotel, Shinjuku, Tokyo,  Japan

August 9-11  - East Coast Mineral Show       BIGE, West Springfield, MA 

September 7-15 - Denver Coliseum Show, September 9-17, Denver, CO

September 28-Oct 1 -   Tokyo International Mineral Autumn Fair (formerly              IMAGE), Hyatt Regency Hotel, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

October 19-21 -  Knoxville Gem and Mineral Society Annual Show  Rothchild's Catering,Knoxville, TN 

November 3-4 -    Tampa Bay Mineral & Science Club , Plant City Strawberry Festival Expo Hall - 303 N Lemon St 

November 17-18 - Victory of Light, Sharonville Convention Center, Sharonville, Ohio

November 30-December 3:  Tokyo Mineral Show    Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan

December 8-9- Mid Tennessee Gem and Mineral Society        4215 Long Lane, Franklin, TN