I am a student to Gridding but since I consider it an important part of working with high energy stones and crystals, I decided to include this section on the webpage.

Crystals emit energy and absorb energy. They can also be programmed toward a task or goal provided that event is for the greater good of the user, others or the universe. You can lay down a grid using quartz points or other stones with specific properties depending on the purpose of the grid.

I use clear quartz points when I want to pull energy into a space to resonate with my purpose. Normally I grid my booths, for example, and program the quartz to resonate with a frequency that will be noticed by my customers and permit them to be attracted to the stones that will benefit them most. I also grid with the idea to make the show successful financially so that I can come back and keep doing the work!

At times, it may be appropriate to grid against energies coming through the grid. Negative energy can be blocked with a variety of minerals but I find the most effective to be black tourmaline.

I normally use five crystals or stones. When I set a grid I usually put the crystals or minerals in the four corners (or as close as possible) of the area that I wish to grid. When I use crystals with terminations, I point the terminations either toward the center or end to end (with the point of one pointing to the end of another). I then take the fifth stone and draw the grid and place that fifth stone somewhere near the center of the grid where it can be undisturbed by traffic or not be a danger to children or animals.

Drawing the grid consists of drawing the square, then connecting each stone with the other by drawing every possible triangle in the square, stone to stone. While doing this, I make sure that I am speaking my intent for the grid. If you know me at all, you know that this is one thing that I speak to a lot- stating specific intention. That practice will get you the most out of the exercise whenever you are working with natural products or minerals.

Grids can also be set by practiced shamans and metaphysical professionals remotely. As I previously stated, I am a student of setting grids even though I have been using this technique for years. There is much written about gridding. I suggest that you read more and learn more than what I am able to discuss in the limitation of this page.