Quartz - Clear

Quartz - Clear

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This is obviously not all of the clear quartz that I have to offer but it is an area that I am going put things in without a clear category.  

Arkansas mini clusters - These are really nice little clusters.  Some are flat that can be used for jewelry pieces.  Others are beautiful little clusters that will enhance the area where they reside.

Rainbow Obilesques - Brazil - These are unique to the industry in that there is a technique where these obilesques are heated so they crackle on the inside - not to be confused with crackle quartz - it is almost a lost art form.  The cracks are intended to bend the light to create rainbows - and they do!  I have small, medium and large as the categores do to the restrictions of this web page but sizes will vary.

Pyramid - Brazil - This is my last pyramid in stock.  These have gone up so much in price that I hesitate to restock.

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