Leather Belts and Cuffs

Leather Belts and Cuffs


These are among the most fun pieces that I sell!  It all started about 6 years ago with doing wine tasting - blindfolded - before and after exposure to the crystals.  Everyone picked the crystal-altered wine!  So these cuffs for the wrist (of the bottle or glass) and the belts came out of that research.

It is a cottage industry and some inventory is at hand.  But for special orders or large quantities, there may be a several week waiting period.

The crystals are Lemurian from Brazil, cleansed and hand picked by me.  The belt buckle is almost an OHM symbol.  I do have a variety of belt with ability to change out the buckle so if you want that type, you will have to contact me at phatrocks@ymail.com.

I will be having more complete photos of available stock later so if you do not want to contact me first, please check back later.  

Thank you!

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