Kyanite - Orange - Tanzania

Kyanite - Orange - Tanzania


Kyanite has many attributes due to the various colors available.  

Blue Kyanite associates with the throat and promotes the ability to speak more freely and express oneself more clearly and even assists in learning a new language  It is used to treat hearing disorders, eye ailments, and issues with the sense of smell.  Orange Kyanite is more second chakra which is your affluent area.  It will bring fulfillment to one's life.

Green Kyanite is associated with the heart chakra and opens that area to give and receive love.

      Kyanite is used as a tool for meditation and relaxation.  It is useful in opening the third eye chakra and to enhance creativity broaden perception and enhances the reach to better understand others.  Kyanite can help heal bone breakage, surgery and other intrusive trauma, and assists the nerves and tissues to reestablish pathways through and around the trauma site.  It does well in healing the brain from head trauma, seizures or stroke.  It can aid in creating new neural pathways around damaged areas.

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