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Tourmaline has many different properties depending on color.

Black tourmaline is a great protection stone.  It helps purify the body of toxins and wastes.  

Watermelon Tourmaline contains lithium which calms and focuses people prone to hysterics and dramatics.  It is great for hyperactive children and those needing to be quiet to find their centers.  It helps heal the physical heart.

Dravite is brown tourmaline and is good for blood purification and for clearing and cleansing the lymph nodes.  It shifts the physical body through changing negative habits and patterns and helps overcome addictive  behaviors.  It helps the body absorb nutrients from foods. and calms bowel diseases. 

Indicolite is blue tourmaline and this stock is infused in quartz.   It aligns the mind with Divine energy and stops overactive thinking so pure awareness can happen.  It is good for headaches and migraines.  

More tourmaline to come.

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